Tuesday, July 1, 2008



My name is Claudia, and I've been passionate about food my whole life. Right now, I reside in Hong Kong. I've lived in several countries including Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, which explains my eclectic food preferences. I enjoy eating everything from pasta and burgers to curry, sushi, dim sum and chicken's feet.

I'm a self-taught cook who loves to cook because I love to eat. The food I make at home is usually fairly quick and easy to prepare. Complicated, involved dishes, I feel, are best enjoyed at restaurants. In total opposition to what I've just said, though, I don't mind spending a little longer preparing a special bento.

I started making bento mainly for portion control, but I've found it has been a very rewarding and creative experience. Bento combines several of my interests - food, art, and a love for Japanese culture. I enjoy making kyaraben bento (character/art bento) using natural ingredients that follow the bento philosophy of balance, taste and presentation.