Thursday, July 31, 2008

struck by the Bento Bug


My 1st post on my 1st blog about my 1st Bento! Quite apt.

A short while ago, I chanced upon a great website, Just Bento ( and I promptly got struck by the Bento Bug... not only are bentos cute, but they can be healthy and portion-controlled, too. Which is really what I need right now! ie. what cannot fit inside the main box (and the little side boxes haha) MUST not be eaten!

My 1st bento (made on 17th July) was actually put together with leftovers from the previous night's leftover onigiri dinner. It's made up of teriyaki chicken, tamagoyaki (Japanese fried egg), tuna mayo, cucumbers and rice topped with nori & egg furikake. Only the tamagoyaki was made fresh for the bento. Everything was delicious! I know many people don't like the thought of eating leftovers, but I don't have that problem!

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