Monday, November 17, 2008

Fried Tung Hoon (Glass Noodles)

I was at a loss as to what to cook for dinner tonight, especially when I took out the mushrooms I'd just purchased and found they had gone mouldy! However, I still ended up proceeding with my initial plan of frying some tung hoon (glass noodles) with the few ingredients I had lying around. It would have been better with a few more ingredients, for example, mushrooms or beansprouts, but it was still tasty, especially if you are a glass noodle fan (as I am)...

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Fried Tung Hoon (Glass Noodles)
200g glass noodles
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
100g baby spinach 
Other vegetables, eg. mushrooms, beansprouts etc. (optional)
135g/0.3 lb beef, thinly sliced (or chicken/pork, if you prefer)
1 -2 eggs
dash soya sauce
dash sesame oil
dash chicken stock powder (optional)
1 heaped tsp sambal chilli (optional)
light olive oil (or other oil for frying)
  1. Put the dry glass noodles into some boiled water. Stir, and leave for 3-5 minutes until softened. Drain and set aside.
  2. In a medium-sized wok, over medium heat, fry the garlic in a little oil, and add some sambal chilli if you like your noodles spicy.
  3. Add the meat and fry until cooked.
  4. Pour in the vegetables you wish to add (eg. mushrooms and beansprouts, but not the spinach) and fry a little.
  5. Add the glass noodles, and splash in some soya sauce and sesame oil. Stir well to combine the noodles with the other ingredients.
  6. Add the baby spinach and mix until the leaves have withered.
  7. Break 1 - 2 eggs inside the wok, and fry everything together.
  8. Taste test, and add a little more soya sauce if necessary. You can also add a shake of chicken stock powder for added taste (optional).

You get quite a large amount of noodles with this recipe. Enough to feed at least 3 people, or 2 very hungry people, or one person over a few days...



kel said...

Looks super yummy!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! I've been wanting to play with glass noodles.

Claudia said...

Hi kel - thanks very much! It was tasty, and I'm glad I made a lot of noodles as I have leftovers for lunch today :)

Claudia said...

Thanks, touchofnectar! I looooove glass noodles. Often when you order fried glass noodles in restaurants, they are a little oily, so I do like to make my own at home. :)