Friday, November 28, 2008

Lamb Wrap Bento

lamb wrap bento
Although bento is a great way of using up any leftover food you may have, sometimes I will purposely cook a little extra when preparing dinner and set it aside for lunch the next day. It saves time, and is energy efficient, too. Last night, I made grilled lamb with speedy roast potatoes and broccoli. I set aside some lamb, potato and broccoli, and made today's bento with it. If you have a compulsion to finish up everything in front of you (as I do), remember to set aside some food before serving it for dinner. All too often I prepare more, thinking I will keep the leftovers, but I make the mistake of serving everything at the table and finishing it all up!

Anyway, back to today's bento... I sliced up the leftover lamb and made some wraps filled with lamb, tahini, spicy tomato sauce and rocket leaves (rolled up in a flour tortilla). Accompanying the lamb wraps are some red and yellow peppers/capsicum I roasted, as well as the leftover potatoes, broccoli, and some blackberries. In another small container (not pictured) I also packed some raw carrot sticks and a container of hummus).

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