Monday, August 18, 2008

Freezer Stash Bento


With no time to shop on the weekend, this morning's bento relied heavily on my previously prepared bento stash in the freezer. It's always nice to have a little something stored away, ready for days like these.

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Rice was leftover from last night's dinner, which I kept in the fridge. I re-heated it for a few minutes in the microwave this morning and topped it with some dried baby sardines. You should be able to buy small bottles of tiny fish like this in supermarkets that stock Japanese items. (Mine is from City Super in Hong Kong, and is called Kaomise Small Fish with Sansyo Spice.)

I raided my frozen bento stash, and defrosted a container of chicken, carrot, beansprout and ginger stir-fy. Then I defrosted some mini meatballs in a pan and coated them with a little teriyaki sauce for flavour. The tamagoyaki (Japanese fried egg) was made fresh, and I cut it up into 4 small squares.

For some vegetables, I mixed some frozen peas and corn kernels together. It's a super quick (and lazy) way to add some vegetables and colour to your bento. The frozen peas help keep the corn cool and will defrost well before lunchtime. You could include some salad dressing or mayonnaise, but I find the peas and corn are sweet enough to eat on their own. Plus, if you use corn kernels from a can/box, as I did, the corn is already sitting in slightly sweetened juices, which adds flavour.


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