Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic bento week (Day #3)

Today's bento was a little haphazardly put together. The one in the picture is also not packed to the brim, so it wouldn't travel too well (YH's one had a little more in it). I had fun using my new rice cuber, though, and made a mix of white and light orange rice cubes. The orange rice was made by mixing some salmon flakes with the warm rice. The bento also has some pan-fried chicken, tamagoyaki (fried egg), carrots and stir-fried capsicum and onion. The red cabbage made another appearance as well.

I decided to stick with the mad emphasis on colour for this Olympic bento week. It appeared today...

Continue reading... the form of an Olympic Fruit Salad!

Blueberries, Black Cherries, Strawberries, Chinese Pear and Kiwi Fruit made up the Olympic colours. Last night I peeled and cut the fruit, de-seeded the cherries, put them into tubs and froze them. This morning I took the tubs out and the fruit was nicely defrosted by lunchtime. The only trouble was, the fruits had become a little soggy, with the pear losing most of its crunch. On the other hand, the juices had combined to make a nice fruit salad syrup. An air-tight container is really needed for this to prevent the syrup leaking. For best results, the fruit should be cut up in the morning and kept cold using an ice pack, but morning prep time would take a little longer...


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