Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheese Tamagoyaki on Toast

tamago brekkie
There's nothing like starting the weekend with a hot, savoury breakfast and coffee. On Saturday, for a slight variation, I added a slice of cheddar cheese to the egg as I rolled it up. Although the egg wasn't a true Japanese tamagoyaki, (as it was just beaten egg with a little salt), I cooked and rolled it up as I would a tamagoyaki. I served it on top of half a piece of toast (we had to share the one slice of bread left in the house!) and some honey roasted turkey breast on the side. With a cup of  hot, black coffee, of course!


eilis alana said...

love your use of eggs in the last two posts!!!

Claudia said...

Thank you! It's a common saying, but eggs are truly very versatile. :)