Monday, December 1, 2008

Tonkatsu Pork Bento

frog bento
I don't know why but I have a thing for cute green frogs - but only cartoon ones, mind you. I don't like real frogs at all. So I was happy to use my smiling frog bento box today - one of my recent acquisitions from Hokkaido. The colours of the food sadly matched the rather pale green of the box, though! 

The first tier contains rice with furikake, and zucchini stir-fried with sesame oil and soya sauce in a little flower container to brighten it up. If your food is a little pale or dull in colour, it can help to use such accessories to brighten things up. The second tier contains pork tonkatsu slices on a bed of shredded cabbage, and some baby corn. The little container has some spicy tomato sauce to dip with the tonkatsu and there's another container (not pictured) that has some sesame salad dressing for the cabbage. 

I used my tonkatsu recipe for the pork, but this time I cut the pork into slices first, before breading and frying it.


eilis alana said...

LOVELY meal laid out.

And I am sooo lusting after your frog box! I am looking for something with a frog for some (liturgical) seasonal use as FROG is an acronym for Fully Rely On God. My friends are already laughing about my fish shaped box for Fridays in Lent (no meat - traditionally a day for eating fish meals).

Do you know of an online source carrying this box now?

Claudia said...

Thank you! haha - that's a wonderful acronym for FROG - I must remember that :) Am very pleased - now it's given me a reason as to why I must continue buying cute frog items!

A fish shaped box for Lent sounds very appropriate, too... :)

Sorry, I have not seen this box online, but J-box does sell a frog 2 tier box that I think is also pretty cute (although a little pricey) - the link is here:
Frog Paws Box at J-Box