Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bacon & Egg Muffin

If you like the breakfast muffins at McDonalds, but question their fat and nutrient content, it's really easy to make your own at home. I don't actually mean to make the muffins yourself (that falls under too much work) but if you can buy some nice English muffins, you're all set. It is really simple to do, and the homemade version does taste better.

Bacon & Egg Muffin

English Muffins
Eggs (1 per muffin)
Back Bacon (1-2 slices per muffin, depending on the size of the bacon)
Cheese (1 slice per muffin)
Butter for the muffins (optional)
  1. Trim any fat off the back bacon, and fry it (without or with very little oil) in a frying pan. Set aside.
  2. Fry one egg per muffin.
  3. Split each muffin into two and toast it lightly in a toaster.
  4. Make up the muffin by buttering it (optional), and placing the egg, bacon, and cheese inside the two muffin halves. Season with some freshly ground black pepper and salt.
Melt the cheese by placing a slice on top of the fried egg just before the egg has finished cooking.

For added taste, you can also spread a little bit of mayonnaise on the muffin.

For the sausage and egg version, substitute the bacon for sausage. Fry a good quality sausage and slice it up diagonally.

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