Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode to the 80s Bento

80s bento
My entry for this week's Bento Challenge (at the LiveJournal Bento Challenge Community). The theme was "I Love the 80s".

Yes, I'm showing my age a little, but I did have very fond memories of the 80s! Who can forget the one-hand fingerless glove, the frilly skirt with the thick black elastic belt that snapped close at the front with shiny silver buttons, and of course, the legendary Sony Walkman (not that I had one - I had some other cheaper brand). I still remember staying up late on a Sat night, listening to the Top 40 music on the radio, anxiously waiting for the No.#1 song, only to discover it was Lionel Richie's "Hello"...

Contents of my 80s bento - a cheese hand, an egg (dyed pink) fingerless glove, and a rice and nori seaweed Walkman, on top of fried rice. The rice was fried with minced beef, onion and capsicum. The side salad contains lettuce, corn and cherry tomatoes, with a frilly skirt made out of dyed pink egg and a seaweed belt with cheese buttons.


Anonymous said...

SO CREATIVE cloudy...i am the number one fan of "cloudy's themed bentoes". i have raving about them to ben!...u are really so wonderful ...melly

Claudia said...

thanks melly! :)