Monday, September 22, 2008

Ode to Hokkaido Weekend

Every now and again, one of the supermarkets in Hong Kong called City Super, will promote a certain country/place, and will bring in extra goods from that place to sell. Often, there will also be stalls set up within the supermarket selling cooked food from the country being promoted. Last Friday, I went there and discovered they had started a Hokkaido Promotion! As Hokkaido is one of my favourite destinations in Japan, guess who went a little mad?

Hokkaido is famous for their fresh dairy produce, potatoes, seafood and ramen, so with very little prompting necessary, I proceeded to buy up a lot of the items in the promotion area. I ended up with sausages, cheese, dried seafood snacks, fresh ramen (in a packet) and freshly fried potato korroke.

The result of all this shopping madness was an Ode to Hokkaido Weekend! The first meal was our Hokkaido Breakfast on Sat morning -

breakfastHokkaido Breakfast

We had 2 pan-fried Hokkaido onion-flavoured pork sausages, scrambled eggs (Japanese eggs), 2 slices of Hokkaido milk bread (bread made with milk from Hokkaido), a chunk of Hokkaido apple-cider washed cheese, 3 cherry tomatoes from Hokkaido (they were a bit too ripe), and a cream corn potato korroke. We washed everything down with Ringoworks apple juice from Japan (Aomori region, not Hokkaido) and coffee (not pictured) and we also dipped the bread in some Japanese honey (also not pictured).

It reminded me of the western-style breakfast we ate when in Hokkaido... pretty decadent, though!

Next meal - Sapporo Ramen!

Sapporo Ramen Lunch
To continue the Ode to Hokkaido weekend, we had ramen for lunch on Sunday. Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido, is famous for ramen, although you can really find ramen all over Hokkaido, and each region often sells their own particular style (miso-based, soya sayce based, etc.) The packet of ramen I bought was not like an instant noodle packet - instead, the noodles are fresh, not dried, and there is an expiry date on the packet! The sachets of flavouring for the soup weren't dried powder, but pouches of a moist, thick red miso. When I poured out the miso, the fat in it had congealed and separated, so I scooped the fat away. It didn't make a difference to the flavour, it just made me feel better about it (as really, there was still a lot of oil left). I topped the ramen with grilled pork, bamboo shoots and corn.


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