Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Penne Pasta Bento

pasta bento
Today's bento is pretty simple - tomato, beef and prawn penne with a salad of rocket, parmesan, and a citrus soy dressing. I included a hard-boiled egg as well - mine was shaped like a bunny, and YH's one a fish. The fish split into two when I opened up the mould, so YH's salad included 'two' fish, instead of one! 

The penne was tasty, but it had softened by lunchtime due to the re-heating this morning (even though I'd undercooked it slightly knowing it would have to go through this process). I thought the penne would hold up a little better, but it didn't. The larger tri-colour spiral pasta I've used before works much better for bentos as it remains springy despite the re-heat. 

fish-shaped egg

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