Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday Cake for your Cat

catfood cake
My little kitten turned one year old today! To celebrate the day, he received a special birthday "cake" for his evening meal. 

I wanted to personally cook him a little something, but as he is quite fussy and not used to human food, I decided to be safe and made the "cake" out of his favourite cat food.

Here's how I put it together. You can do the same with your cat's favourite food, and I imagine you could do the same for dogs, too...

OBVIOUS WARNING: Do not give the cake to your pet with the candle lit!

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I feed my cat Almo Nature, which I like because it is made from all natural ingredients with no chemical additives, but you can use whatever brand your pet prefers. 

Birthday Cake for a Cat
  • 1 packet jelly/paste cat food (I used Almo Nature Tuna & Chicken Jelly)
  • 1/2 can wet cat food (eg. Almo Nature Salmon)
  • few pieces of dry cat food/dry treats (I used Almo Nature Holistic Salmon & Rice cat food)
  1. Empty out the tin of wet cat food into a separate bowl. 
  2. Open the packet of jelly/paste cat food and pour it into the tin. Press the jelly down gently and firmly so it takes the shape of the can, then unmould onto the serving dish. 
  3. Scoop half (or more) of the wet cat food on top of the moulded jelly. 
  4. Decorate with a ring of dry cat food/treats. You can also spell out the initial of your cat's name on top (eg. like the "S" in the photo).
I used a jelly type food for the base of the cake, but if your normal wet cat food can pop out of the tin without breaking up, then you don't have to use the jelly/paste as well. It's nice to have different flavours in the cake all at the same time, though!

Optional: pop a candle into the "cake", but please do not serve the cake to your pet with the candle lit! 



Obentolunch4kidz said...

AWWWW how sweet is that!!! Great idea, i should do this for my doggie on his next birthday!

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Claudia said...

Thanks! my kitty loved it. It will be lovely for your dog, too! Try and use dog food in two different shades/colours, if you can, for added contrast. I tried to have 2 different layers in my cat cake, but as the food was about the same colour, you can't really see it...

Thanks for your Coupon Code, as well!

Anonymous said...

i usaly giv my cat raw lever he loves it i even made a cake for my dogs using lever garlic flower water carrots and the blod from the lever and whip cream on the top vegan cream of coars it was there birthday cake the recepi was i a cooking book for dogs but i forgott the name.

Liama Jhons said...

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