Monday, October 6, 2008

Danish Hotdog Bento

hotdog bento
I had one of my Danish hotdog and remoulade cravings, so I made up a batch of remoulade late Friday night, and by Sunday morning is was ready to eat. It may sound mad to prepare a bento when you stay at home to eat it, but really, it isn't! Bentos are a great way of portion control and ensuring your meal is balanced. This is important for me, as I tend to get lazy and greedy when cooking. I'll prepare too much food (greed + fear there's not enough food) and tend to overlook the fruit and vegetable component of a meal. However, with a bento, it is painfully obvious if the whole box contains your main meal and no vegetables. Also if you use a small, cute box, and spend a little time on decoration and presentation you can cut down on portions whilst still enjoying your meal.

This bento is rather small, so we do have another hot dog half each on a side plate (not pictured). To accompany the Danish hotdogs, there are carrot sticks and a rather disgruntled hummus rabbit. Dessert was some chopped kiwi fruit. The little container had deep fried shallots inside, to sprinkle on top of the hotdogs. The portion looks small, but to my surprise (and happiness) I was actually full after eating it.

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Danish Hot Dogs
hot dog buns
red hotdog frankfurters, or other good quality frankfurters (one per hot dog bun)
deep fried shallots (You can find these ready-made at Asian grocery stores)

Optional: other hotdog condiments (tomato sauce, pickles, etc.)
  1. Boil or heat the frankfurters according to the packet instructions.
  2. Warm up the hot dog buns (in the microwave/toaster oven).
  3. Make up the hotdogs by placing one frankfurter into each hotdog bun. Top with remoulade, deep fried shallots, and other condiments (optional).
Tip: You can prepare your own shallot topping by cutting them up into little bits and deep-frying them until crispy, but a simpler way is to buy them ready-made. Try to find them in your local Asian grocery store - they are commonly used sprinkled over Chinese noodle dishes.

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hotdog bento2


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