Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

halloween apple
Happy Halloween to all those celebrating! Apologies for the short absence - I just got back from a lovely but short trip to Hokkaido, Japan! I went mad eating the delicious food there, and buying up as many bento-related accessories as I could find. I must have had too much fun, as I promptly fell ill upon my return... 

The apple in this photo was picked by hand at the Sobetsu Fruit Village in the Lake Toya district in Hokkaido. It is a very beautiful orchard, and for JPY500 per adult, you can enter and freely eat any of the fruits growing there. We visited in late October, so there were mainly apples and pears and a few grapes left. You can also pick the fruits and fill them in bags to take home - they charge different prices according to the size of the bag and type of fruit picked. We filled up two small bags of apples and pears, which cost us JPY900, and we managed to fit at least 10+ apples and pears inside each plastic bag.

More bento and other recipes to come soon!

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