Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Edamame Keroppi

edamame kerropi
My previous charaben (kyaraben) designs have been a little serious and more for adults, so I thought I'd venture into Sanrio-land for today's bento. Of course, I had to start with Kero Kero Keroppi, my (not so secret) favourite... There's something about a cute green frog. I don't know why I like them so much, especially since a real life green frog does not inspire the same sort of feeling. 

Anyway, back to Keroppi! - his face is made out of rice mixed with salmon flakes, covered with edamame. I thought it would be interesting to use edamame instead of colouring the rice green. His eyeballs are plain rice balls, and little cherry tomato cheeks and nori (seaweed) eyes and mouth complete his face.

Surrounding him are beef meatballs, asparagus, lettuce, and fried egg yolk and egg white omelettes cut out into stars and hearts. The bits of leftover egg are hidden underneath the pretty cut outs on top. A little tub of blackberries and raspberries add colour and a bit of fruit to the bento.


Celsie said...

I notice the raspberries look chilled. Do you freeze them? If so, how long do they last that way?

Claudia said...

Hi Celsie! Yes, the raspberries are frozen. I bought them fresh and put them directly into the freezer. I'm sure they can last quite some time although I usually finish them up in around 2 weeks. I just take them out and pop them into the bento. They defrost quite quickly, although I must confess, they are quite mushy, so it is an acquired taste. However it is a great way to keep a stash of fruit on hand at any time.

I also freeze blueberries and strawberries (for strawberries, I hull them before freezing). I find the blueberries hold up the best after being defrosted.

Another great way to use frozen berries is to pop them directly into a blender with some milk/soy milk/ice cream for a cool fruit smoothie! :)

Celesi said...

Thanks! In my house, it's hard to use up an entire case of anything without half of it going bad.

I'm happy to hear I can freeze some things other than blueberries!

Claudia said...

The same thing happens with me, too. I find it hard to finish a lot of fruit and vegetables before they go bad!

If I have some vegetables about to go bad, I will often cook them first, and then store them in the fridge in an airtight container to make them last a little longer! Of course this works better with certain types of vegetables, like carrots and sweet peppers (and sadly not lettuce).

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cool! I love Keroppi!

Claudia said...

Thanks lilhlfpint! I'm a big keroppi fan, too :)