Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snack Bento

snack bento
A little bento idea - prepare a snack bento to give to a loved one who is going away on a work trip, or for yourself when packing to go overseas! Sometimes there is nothing like having your own stash of healthy (or not so healthy) snacks whilst away in a hotel room with nothing but expensive mini-bar items available. The best part about packing snacks into a bento is that you restrict the amount of you bring (so you don't eat a whole bar of chocolate or pack of biscuits, even if you secretly wanted to).

I made this one for YH before his overseas work trip. He loves snacking, especially when at the computer working, which he'll be doing for the next few nights, so the snacks are to cheer him up a little. 

Contents of this snack bento:
1 small packet DARS chocolate (YH's favourite right now)
3 boxes of organic raisins
4 mini packets of honey roasted almonds
6 individually wrapped almond chocolates
6 individually wrapped dried prunes
assorted individually wrapped rice crackers
7 rice crackers dolls

I was surprised at how much could fit inside the bento box. I used my collapsible box from MUJI, which is great for travel, because after it's empty, it folds into a very flat bit of plastic for the trip back.

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