Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hosui Pears

sliced hosui pears
Ever see the really expensive fruit from Japan that look so round and perfect, like they were cloned? Well, I am always eyeing them in amazement - both the fruit and the price tag! City Super supermarket recently featured Japanese pears, and I decided to buy some to try. Two Hosui pears set me back HKD44.00 (USD5.66). 

Hosui pears are a type of Japanese pear that are round, with a slightly rough light brown skin that ripens in August. I left the skin on and it was a nice contrast to the crunchy sweet pear inside. I don't often describe fruit as fragrant, but this pear definitely was. Other Asian pears I buy are a little tart inside, especially nearer the core, but the Hosui pear was just sweet and very juicy. Overall, it was good, and YH liked it a lot. To be honest, it was a little too sweet for my liking. But then I'm odd and dislike sweet fruit and like sour fruit! So I think that almost everyone else would like it...

hosui pears
A Hosui pear and its cloned brother...

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